Seamless Gutter Systems: What’s the Difference?

What are seamless gutter systems?

When installing seamless gutter systems, a single continuous piece of metal is used to manufacture the gutter piece. The materials used are generally aluminum, but sometimes copper is chosen for a unique look.

These systems have minimal joints and require customized measurements. A seamless gutter system is usually manufactured on-site.

What are the benefits?

The top benefit to a seamless gutter system is the fact that they are manufactured with minimal joints. Without these breaking points in the system, homeowners will see a substantially reduced possibility of leaking. Leaks due to gutters are major cause of water damage to homes, as well as mold and rot. These gutters also will not rust.

Color choices are also a perk to seamless guttering! Homeowners can choose to match the trim of their home or choose something to stand out a little.

Choosing to install a seamless gutter system means you will have a durable system to protect your home for many years to come. The exterior experts at Best Roofing (powered by BDM Construction Inc) can get you started!

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